New Pieces Added to the Menswear Boutique

More and more fall pieces are being added to the online menswear boutique.  To purchase any of these pieces, visit the online store by clicking on [Menswear Boutique] in the above header.

Denim4 Denim2 Denim3

The first piece added is this Vintage Blue Denim blazer that features wide notch lapels, two button closure (with original buttons), flap pockets, rear center vent, and full interior lining.  The only size available is a 39 and it is affordably priced at $38.50.

3piece 3piece3 3piece4 3piece5

Next, we have a Glen Plaid Three Piece Suit size 38 that features notch lapels, two button closure, rear center vent, flap pockets, and partial lining.  The vest is a five button vest that also fits like a 38 and there is no adjustable strap.  Two small vetted pockets on each side.  The trousers are a size 34 X 30 with an additional 3.5″ hem, therefore they can be tailored to fit up to a size 34 X 33.  This piece is priced at $52.50.

peacoat peacoat2 peacoat4 peacoat3

Another addition to the mens outerwear is this Black Old Navy Double-Breasted Peacoat that features a tab collar, wide notch lapels, six button silhouette, slanted jetted pockets, full interior lining, and it is a  medium weight material with no venting in the back.  It is a size medium and it will comfortable fit between 36-38 chest size.  This piece is affordably priced at $65.50.

cd cd3 cd2 cd4 cd5

Next, we have another Glen Plaid Sport Coat by Christian Dior that features not lapels, two button closure, flap pockets, full interior lining, and a rear center vent.  46 Long is the only size available and is priced at $48.50.

oscar oscar2 oscar3

Also added is this beautiful Textured Blazer by Oscar De La Renta that features notch lapels, two button closure, flap pockets, rear center vent, and full interior lining.  There is only one size available, which is a size 38, and it is priced at $48.50.


White…After Labor Day

You guys know how much of love rules and to follow them…but how dare I wear white after Labor Day.  It’s forbidden, right!  Says who:


Brown wingtip slip-on loafers with tassels by Florsheim are a thrifting find.  Loafer socks (unseen) are by Steve Madden.


Silk neck tie by Yves Saint Laurent is a thrifting find.  Tie bar is by Banana Republic.  White french cuff spread collar dress shirt is by Banana Republic.


White lapel flower is from a boutique on the campus of UNC Greensboro.


Cufflinks are by Banana Republic.


Brown pinstripe suit jacket that features notch lapels, two button closure, flap pockets, rear center vent, and full interior lining is by Ralph Lauren.  Off-white flat front trousers are by Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Taste of Champagne

All compliments for today’s look goes to the colors and shades that allows today’s combination to work so well:


Double monk strap wingtips by Magnanni.


Stripe socks by Ralph Lauren.


Silk necktie by Yves Saint Laurent is a thrifting find.  Silver tie bar by Banana Republic.  Striped french cuff dress shirt with the white contrast collar is a thrifting find. 


White silk pocket square is by Banana Republic.


Cufflinks are by Roundtree & Yorke.


Suit by Tommy Hilfiger features notch lapels, two button closure, side vents, flap pockets, and full interior lining.

Fresh Salmon

More aggressive colors for the spring season.  Today, I went bold with my selection in trousers:


Brown and white spectator wingtips by Johnston & Murphy are a thrifting find.


Khaki dress socks by Banana Republic.

Tie Tie2 Tie3

Chocolate necktie by Yves Saint Laurent is a thrifting find.  Chocolate gingham button down by J.Crew is a thrifting find.  Gold tie bar is by Brooks Brothers.


Silk salmon pocket square…orgin unknown.

DSC_6059 DSC_6049 DSC_6052 DSC_6053 DSC_6054 DSC_6057

Salmon colored trousers are by Brooks Brothers. Cream blazer with notch lapels, gold buttons, rear center vent, two button closure, patch pockets, and full interior lining is thrifting find.

Tone Death

Today’s look was my take on a fresh and sleek earth tone look:


Brown cap toe oxfords by Adam Derrick To Boot New York.


Ribbed chocolate cashmere dress socks are a Nordstrom’s store brand.


Khaki color flat front dress trousers are by Calvin Klein.


Pewter color, pointed collar dress shirt is a thrifting find.  I removed the studs and went with a collar pin.

Tie Tie2 Tie3

Chocolate Yves Saint Laurent necktie was a thrifting find.  Collar Pin is by Ralph Lauren and the tie bar is by Banana Republic.


Grey chalk striped blazer is by Banana Republic…and also a thrifting find for $15 from Buffalo Exchange in Charlotte, NC.  Buffalo Exchange is like “Plato’s Closet on Steroids”!


Silk chocolate pocket square…origin is unknown.


Final Look!!

Khaki Suit

This weather in North Carolina is the craziest!  I really did not have a clue what to do this morning.  But, when in doubt, just relax and put on a suit!

Brown dress shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue.  You should be familiar with these by now.  I rely on these shoes a lot.  They are so simple…so plain…so sleek…so me!

Navy, grey, and maize argyle socks are from Brooks Brothers.

Brown spread collar dress shirt is from Banana Republic.

Navy tie with polo men is a Yves Saint Laurent thrifting find for $2.  I went with a brass tie pin today instead of a tie bar.  The tie pin is a Belk store brand.  I think I caught this accessory on sale for $12. 

Navy silk pocket square.  I swear that I cannot remember where I purchased these…and I have a lot.  Sorry…

Khaki suit, notch lapel and center vent, is made by Calvin Klein.

Final Look!!

Thrifting In Greensboro!

Before the homecoming hoopla kicked off and before I went vintage shopping, I decided to do some thrifting at some of my favorite thrifting stores in Greensboro.  And there are plenty of second-hand stores in Greensboro, NC.

Here are some of the more outstanding items I found:


Pocket squares:  Polka dot square was $2 and the yellow striped square was 50 cents.

Nordstrom blue striped necktie for $2.

Two Christian Dior neckties for $2 each.

$2 necktie from Barney’s.

No thrifting trip is complete without a Yves Saint Laurent find.  Found this gorgeous necktie for $2.

Khaki colored Christian Dior sports jacket, notch lapel, center vent, patch pockets, and classic Christian Dior silk interior lining…just $5!! Deal!!

I don’t know who had the better homecoming this weekend, my niece or myself…