New Pieces Added to the Online Boutique!

Four new, very stylish and affordable, mens blazers and sport coats have been added to the online Menswear Boutique:

GreySport GreySport2 GreySport3

The first piece is a classic grey sport coat that has notch lapels, side vents, two-button-closure, flap pockets, and full interior lining.  This sport coat is a size 38 Short which can be worn in the office or at play.  It’s very sleek and a bargain at $38.50!

vintageplaid vintageplaid2

The next piece is a treat for the vintage lovers!  This is a 1960s style vintage plaid sport coat with wide notch lapels, center vent, two button closure, and flap pockets.   It’s true vintage dope and made from a vintage blend material.  It’s a size 42 Long and is priced at $38.50.

Plaid sport coat Plaid sport coat2 Plaid sport coat3

The next piece is a plaid wool blazer.  It’s very stylish and sleek.  This piece would go well with dress trousers, chinos, and/or jeans…very versatile piece.  The partially lined blazer has notch lapels, center vent, flap pockets, and a two-button-closure.  Priced at $38.50.

Blue Tweed Blazer Blue Tweed Blazer2 Blue Tweed Blazer4 Blue Tweed Blazer5

The next piece added to the boutique is a very immaculate blue tweed blazer with navy suede elbow patches…WOW!!  If you guys do not want it, I will HAPPILY add it to my own personal collection.  This is truly “classic dope”!  It features notch lapels, center vents, original buttons, two-button-closure, partial lining, and, as stated before, navy blue suede elbow patches.  It can be the statement piece to any look you put together for virtually any occasion.  It’s a size 40 and priced at $38.50.

To purchase these pieces or some of the other pieces available in the menswear boutique, please click on the link to the Menswear Boutique in the header above.  And thank you for your support!


Vintage Shopping in Atlanta

This weekend, the wife and I took a mini-vacation to Atlanta, GA just to get away.  I decided to visit my favorite vintage stores in Little Five Points Atlanta.  I could not remember the name of the stores, previously…but I took pictures this time. 

The first store I visited was Ambrose Vintage:

My fondest memory of this store is meeting India Arie in this store.  It was during one of my random shopping trips, my wife (my girlfriend at the time) was sitting down watching me browse through all of the vintage dope that the store had to offer.  And then, she walks in…her beautiful brown skin and big smile hypnotized me for a moment.  Miss Arie looked so much better in person than she does on television. 

With that gorgeous smile, India looked directly at me and said “Hi”.  I was a little flustered and blushing as I replied, “Hey, how are you?”  That was the only verbal exchange that we shared, as my wife sulked in her chair with utter hatred.  But in that very moment, our eyes had so much more to say.  But, out of respect for my wife, I will not disclose that conversation. 

On this weekend, during this trip, I did not have another encounter with India Arie.  However, I did pillage through some more vintage dope.  And I will share with you the “standout piece” or the “big fish that I caught” at this store visit:

This double-breasted shearling long coat!  It’s similar to the double-breasted shearling worn by Sean “Diddy” Combs in one of my previous vintage dope posts.  And once I get these piece fitted to my frame, I will do this coat the same justice as Diddy!

Classic Vintage Clothing Warehouse was the second shop in Little Five Points that I visited.  There were many great finds in this store.  They have a great selection of vintage trousers, cardigans, and neckties.  I will share with you two of the neckties that I found:

A vintage striped Brooks Brothers tie and a vintage burgundy tie with light blue paisley print. 

Next time you are in Atlanta, make sure you visit these vintage stores in Little Five Points on the corner of Euclid and Moreland.

Brown Leather/Mesh Spectator Dress Shoes

Let’s time travel back to the 1950s and take a look at today’s Vintage Dope.  These are plain toe 1950s inspired ET Wright Arch Preservers ventilated spectator mens dress shoes that I came across on 

“This particular pair of hand made Wright Arch Preserver’s is in excellent vintage condition. The uppers, a brown with reddish tint leather complimented by brown mesh, make a near perfect spectator combination.”   For more vintage dress shoes such as these, please go to and check out vendor:
Old Soles

Earthly Layers

Today, I went with earth tone colors and more layering than usual, for me, to complete this look:

Brown wingtip dress boots from Banana Republic…currently on sale.

Ribbed navy blue dress socks are from Banana Republic.

Brown flat front trousers are also Banana Republic.

Navy blue dress shirt with pointed collar is made by Calvin Klein.

Necktie is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent thrifting find for $1.  Brass tie bar from Brooks Brothers.  Brass collar pin is from Ralph Lauren.

Terra Cotta vintage vest is from Design Archives in Greensboro, NC.

Vintage tan blazer with notch lapel, center vent, and original buttons that are almost the same color as the vest was a thrifting find for $5. 

Silk chocolate pocket square…origin unknown.

Final Look!!

Going Crazy With Patterns, Again!

This morning was colder than expected, so I went with warmer clothes.  But, I still refrained from pulling out my scarfs and gloves. 

Brown wingtips are made by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Grey ribbed socks are from Banana Republic.

Wool grey window pane trousers are from Banana Republic.

Gingham button down dress shirt is from Banana Republic.

Bow tie pattern on the necktie made by Christian Dior is a thrifting find.  Silver tie bar is from Banana Republic.

Light grey cable cord, full zip, cardigan is also from Banana Republic.  So, I guess you can say that I got carried away with patterns by Banana Republic.

Final look!!

Thrifting In Greensboro!

Before the homecoming hoopla kicked off and before I went vintage shopping, I decided to do some thrifting at some of my favorite thrifting stores in Greensboro.  And there are plenty of second-hand stores in Greensboro, NC.

Here are some of the more outstanding items I found:


Pocket squares:  Polka dot square was $2 and the yellow striped square was 50 cents.

Nordstrom blue striped necktie for $2.

Two Christian Dior neckties for $2 each.

$2 necktie from Barney’s.

No thrifting trip is complete without a Yves Saint Laurent find.  Found this gorgeous necktie for $2.

Khaki colored Christian Dior sports jacket, notch lapel, center vent, patch pockets, and classic Christian Dior silk interior lining…just $5!! Deal!!

I don’t know who had the better homecoming this weekend, my niece or myself…