Daddy Long Coat

Today, has been a crazy and hectic kind of day.  It’s my daughter’s first day of school (day care) and it has been extremely emotion for my wife and I.  My daughter seems to be handling it much better than her parents…especially did.  I’m a wreck!  Stylish…but a wreck:


Brown double monkstrap wingtips by Magnanni.


Socks by J.Crew.

Pants Pants2

Tartan trousers by Burberry.


Blue french cuff dress shirt with white spread collar is a thrifting find.  Belt by Ralph Lauren.



Gold neck tie is by Joseph A Bank.  Vintage tie bar is from Hong Kong Vintage Clothing.


Tartan cufflinks are from Hong Kong Vintage Clothing.

coatCashmere double-breasted long coat that features notch lapels, six button silhouette, rear center vent, flap pockets, and full interior lining is a thrifting find.  I have a similar piece listed in the online Menswear Boutique.


Tartan silk pocket square is by Ralph Lauren.


Look3 Look1 Look2

Final Look!!

(Excuse the cell phone…I was on the phone with my cousin and paparazzi just pulled up and started snapping pictures. They can be so intrusive, sometimes!)


Double Breasted Tartan Trench Coat

Check out this double-breasted tartan trench coat from Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece line.  For a meager $995, you can own this piece.  That price is a little too steep for my pockets…that’s a mortgage payment!  Nevertheless, the coat is extremely dope!!  And I have been in search of the perfect plaid trench coach ever since I saw this photo of Andre 3000.

How dope is this coat?!?!  How dope is 3 Stacks, period?!?!  But, I do happen to own two plaid trench coats.  Neither come close to the coats pictured, but they will have to suffice, for now.