Earning My Stripes!

Today, I was not in the office…however, I was in the classroom earning my stripes with today’s look:

Starting with black wingtips by Adam Derrick To Boot New York.

Black, white, and grey striped socks by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Plum french cuff dress shirt with the white spread collar is by Brooks Brothers.

Knitted black cufflinks by Ralph Lauren.

Black and white striped necktie is from Express.  The tie bar is from Kenneth Cole…and this is absolutely my favorite tie bar out of my entire collection.  I was very upset when the Kenneth Cole store moved from South Park Mall here in Charlotte.  Please bring it back!

Grey glen plaid, notch lapel, double vented suit is by Benetton. 

Close look at the plum silk pocket square…orgin is unknown.

Final Look!!


Pink & Green!!

This morning was a little colder than I anticipated and I almost had the urge to pull out the gloves and scarves.  But, I restrained myself.  I decided that heavier and thicker garments would suffice.  And it did…for another one of my pink and green combinations.

Starting from the bottom, I went with my brown chucka dress boots from Banana Republic.  These are probably my favorite pair of dress shoes, other than my saddle shoes.  I bought these shoes from the Banana store in South Park Mall maybe four years ago for $30 (on sale).  So, you can say that I have gotten my money’s worth out of them,  although I have replaced the sole three or four times.  I can be caught wearing these boots in the summer…I love them that much!  I just wish Banana will make another brown leather (instead of the brown suede that they continue to make) chucka boot, so I can finally discard these.  The pink and brown striped socks are Ralph Lauren Polo Rugby.

Today’s trouser are yesterday’s “Vintage Dope” feature.  These are the vintage brown and green herringbone plaid trousers that I purchased from Hong Kong Vintage Clothing.  And as I previously state, very comfortable!  My wife and I did a great job on repairing that hole.

The pink french cuff, white spread collar dress shirt is from Brooks Brothers.

Pink cufflinks are made by Nautica.

Green paisley bow tie by Ralph Lauren.

Brown Cardigan is from Fossil.  Yes, the company that make watches and accessories.  They also make clothes…and sometimes they do a great job.  The cardigan is very thick and very well insulated.  In other words, it’s hot…but perfect for this weather.  Trust me, I will waste no time removing it once inside. 

Final Look!