Ralph Lauren Spectator Wingtips


This edition of “Vintage Dope” is brought to you by Ralph Lauren.  Ralph Lauren has just released a new brown and white spectator wingtip shoe called Hutton Burnished Wingtip.  This exquisite shoe was made in England and crafted from calfskin leather.  This shoe is priced at $1,350…which is no chump change.  That’s a lot of money!

I have informed my wife that these beauties are at the top of my Father’s Day wish list!!


If I Styled The Smurfs

Remember the cartoon “The Smurfs”?  Well, I was thinking…what if Poppa Smurf asked me to style all six million of them.  If I were asked to style the smurfs, they would look something like this:


Two Tone spectator wingtips by Ralph Lauren.


Argyle dress socks by Banana Republic.  I probably should have went with blue socks, today…maybe a lighter shade.


White french cuff dress shirt with the spread collar was a thrifting find.


Electric blue necktie is by Saks Fifth Avenue.  Tie bar is by Kenneth Cole.


Electric Blue knitted knot cufflinks are by Brooks Brothers.



Electric Blue suit with notch lapels and side vents is by Tommy Hilfiger.


Classic white cotton pocket square (origin unknown).


Final Look!!

Look Book Entry For 10/01/2012

Let’s break down today’s look, starting with the spectator style wingtips from Ralph Lauren. 

 These shoes consist of a canvas / leather combo, as you can probably tell.  I couldn’t tell when I ordered them online.  I was a pleasant surprise, nevertheless.  Very comfortable shoe.  And there are the striped Ralph Lauren socks. 

These are one of those finds were my wife will watch me pick them out in a store and she will say something like, “Please don’t buy those!”  That tells me that they are so ugly that they are dope! (Makes perfect sense to me)

Flat front trousers from Brooks Brothers.  All of the pants I wear are flat front.

The canary yellow spread collar dress shirt is from Ralph Lauren, as well.

Belk’s store brand bow tie. 

Pocket square?  Well, it is today!  This piece is actually one of my wife’s head scarfs (I cannot reiterate it or stress it enough, I just have a lack of concern for rules).  I thought that it was the perfect compliment to my bow tie…and my socks.  Thanks to the wife for the alley-oop!

I found this herringbone tweed blazer with suede elbow patches at a vintage clothing store in Atlanta.  I cannot remember the name of the store, but it’s located in Five Points directly accross the street from Moodz Music.  Notice the thicker lapel on this jacket…true vintage!  The story that I came up with in my head is that this coat used to belong to Al Green and he has performed and conducted interviews in this jacket.  Honestly, I don’t need anyone to verify the validity of that story…because it’s a fact, in my mind.  And that’s all I need.

Finished Look!