Hump Day Stars And Stripes

Today’s color palette was inspired by a visual display I observed while shopping at the Brooks Brothers store this weekend.  By the way, I was told by the manager in Brooks Brothers that Brooks Brothers put together 550 looks for the movie, “The Gatsby”.  Wow!


Wingtip loafers with tassels by Florsheim are a thrifting find.


Socks by Ralph Lauren.

Tie Tie2

Silk stripe bow tie is by Ralph Lauren.  Blue french cuff dress shirt with the white contrast spread collar is a thrifting find. 


Cufflinks are by Roundtree And Yorke.


Silk white pocket square is by Banana Republic.

DSCF4653 DSCF4649 DSCF4651 DSCF4652

(Vintage sport coat features notch lapels, patch pockets, two button closure, deep side vents, and full interior lining is a thrifting find.  Cranberry flat front trousers are by Saks Fifth Avenue)


Crimson And Creme

The weather is still chilly but the sun is shining…which provides the foundation for this beautiful, but chilly, day.  It’s starting to look spring-like, but not really feeling like spring.  Nevertheless, I reached deep in my vault today and pulled out one of my more spring-fitting looks:   Shoes

Brown brogues by Saks Fifth Avenue.


Cranberry argyle dress socks by Banana Republic.


Cranberry flat front trousers by Saks Fifth Avenue.


White spread collar dress shirt with the barrel cuff is by Banana Republic. 

Tie Tie2

Necktie by Ralph Lauren is a thrifting find.  Gold tie bar is by Brooks Brothers.

Blazer3 Blazer2

Cream colored blazer that features notch lapels, rear center vent, original gold buttons, patch pockets, vintage blend fabric, and full interior lining. 


Cranberry silk pocket square is a thrifting find. 

Look1 Look2 Look4

Final Look!!

Ocean Spray

Starting the week off bold…setting the tone for the remainder of the week:

shoes      Wingtip dress shoes by Adam Derrick To Boot New York.


Socks by Ralph Lauren.


Flat front cranberry trousers by Saks Fifth Avenue.


Light blue spread collar dress shirt by Banana Republic.


Givenchy necktie is a thrifting find.  Tie bar is by Banana Republic.

DSCF4083 DSCF4084

Blue two button sport coat with notch lapels, side vents, and flap pockets is a thrifting find.


Silk cranberry pocket square is a thrifting find.

DSCF4086 DSCF4088

Final Look!!

Corduroy Feelings

Monday’s cold weather demanded warmer pieces, without compromising style:


Brown wingtip loafers with tassels are a thrifting find.


Socks are by Ralph Lauren.


Cranberry corduroy trousers are by Ralph Lauren.


Blue spread collar dress shirt is by Ralph Lauren.


Cranberry paisley bow tie is a thrifting find.

DSCF4034 DSCF4035

Tan corduroy blazer with chocolate suede elbow patches, notch lapels, center vent, two buttons, and flap pockets is a thrifting find.


Pocket square was purchased during my vacation in Rome, Italy.


Final Look!!

Almost Christmas…

“It’s Christmas Time!” were my exact thought when I put together today’s look.  Today, it looks as if I was suddenly hit with the Christmas spirit:

Brown wingtip dress shoes are by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Olive cashmere ribbed dress socks is a Macy’s store brand.

Cranberry trousers are by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Forest green and khaki gingham button down dress shirt is a Belk’s store brand.

Cranberry and forest green paisley tie is a thrifting find.  Tie bar is from Banana Republic.

Tan suit jacket with notch lapels and side vents, is by Tommy Hilfiger.  This is a new purchase (entire suit was $80), but I absolutely must change the buttons.  They are probably the ugliest buttons I have ever seen.  I have no idea what Tommy was thinking with those buttons.  The next time you see this piece, or the entire suit, expect to see new buttons added.

Cranberry and green paisley pocket square is also a thrifting find.

Final Look!!

Cranberry Floral Print

Today’s look offers more color…and more patterns.

Black chucka boots by Banana Republic.

Black and cranberry argyle print socks by Banana Republic.

Cranberry trousers by Saks Fifth Avenue.

White and Black window pane dress shirt by Club Monaco.

Grey necktie by J. Crew and tie bar by Kenneth Cole.

Black sports coat with narrow peak lapels and side vents by Calvin Klein.

Silk cranberry floral print pocket square was a thrifting find.

Final Look!!

Cranberry Wednesday!!

Today’s look consists of a carefully craft grey and cranberry mash-up.

Starting with dress shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Cranberry argyle socks courtesy of Banana Republic.

Flat front cranberry colored dress slacks, also Saks Fifth Avenue.

Narrow collar, grey dress shirt from H & M.

Cranberry, striped Oscar De La Renta necktie, which was a thrifting find for $1.  Tie bar from Kenneth Cole.

Cranberry pocket square was also a thrifting find for 50 cents.

Vintage grey blazer was a $3.50 thrifting find, as well.  And I love the way this jacket fits!  It did not bother to get this jacket fitted after I found it…it already hugs me better than my wife.

Finished Look!  Look at the love the blazer is showing me.  My wife should take notes:  “THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD HUG ME!”