Vintage Dope

This installment of Vintage Dope is brought to you by yours truely.  Someone said to me once, that the color brown is so 1970s.  My reply was, “So it is…but what’s wrong with the 70s?!?!”


Every piece that make up this look is from a vintage store somewhere in America, except for the grey turtle neck sweater by Banana Republic and the brown Magnanni boots.  Jacket is a purchase from Hong Kong Vintage Clothing in Charlotte, NC.  The vintage Brooks Brothers trousers were purchased at Design Archives Vintage Clothing in Greensboro, NC. 

This is my love for the 1970s.


Time Traveling Wednesday!

Today’s look consists of another one of my beloved “No Belt Style” form of dress to create a 1970s feel, without looking like I mis-timed Halloween. 

Shoes, once again are my brown Banana Republic chucka boots.

Thermal socks from J. Crew.

Flat front brown vintage troussers are from Banana Republic.  I love these troussers so much that I bought FOUR pair (2 black, 2 brown).  They are slim throught the hip and thigh area, but flare out at the bottom (boot cut) for an almost bell bottoms-ish appearance.  Don’t worry…I am a 70s baby!  So, I am naturally comfortable with any trip to the 1970s.

Cream dress shirt is Saks Fifth Avenue.  It is the closest dress shirt that I have to the pointed collar look that I was going for to make the 1970s feel more complete.

Vintage polyester tie was a thrifting find for 80 cents.  Brass tie bar from Brooks Brothers.

Glen plaid H&M sports jacket, with the ticket pocket, was also a thrifting find for $5.

Chocolate silk pocket square…cannot remember where I got it from.

Final Look!