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6 thoughts on “Look Book

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  2. Dope as always Ant. Proud of you on this initiative and look forward to your continued progress. I will definitely be rocking some of your Dope Vintage pieces. Much success!!!

  3. I love how you put things together . I also am not afraid to think outside of the box . I would like to know what are some key things to have to bring any fit together and I will be ordering any of your 40 R blazers that you have and 33 waist slacks so if you can email me some key pieces would love to shop with you . You are a breath of fresh air bruh nice to see someone doing the damn thing !

  4. I want to say thank you for taking the time to post images of your outfits. They are truly something remarkable & I do appreciate your hard work & affords.

    In addition, this is coming from one black male to another it’s good to see a straight married black man that enjoys thrift shopping and putting together color combination with suits, sweater, ties & socks etc…. Reason behind me saying this is because most websites or youtube black males are gay. I’m not commenting on anything refering to someone sexual orientation but solely going by the facts. What i’m saying there’s not enough of straight black man out there posting there outfits as you, thank you.

    I will continue to past along your site to my friends & family. Look forward to your next post.

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