You Are Now On Q…


I am a huge fan of “the arts”…the performing arts:  dance, live music, spoken word/poetry, theatre, etc.  Therefore, I am pleased to announce that I have been picked up as a resident stylist for a Charlotte based, but world-renowned and internationally known, performing arts production company, On Q Productions.  That’s right… is now On Q!  And it is hard for me to contain my level of excitement…it feels like the mid 1990s and I just got signed to Bad Boy Records! LOL

I am so excited and I look forward to the challenge and the many upcoming projects.  I am thrilled to have my pieces featured in their upcoming plays and to be a part of the process that help recreate the looks and images that captivates audiences and place them squarely within a moment in history.  I will be working side by side with some of the area’s most true and talented artists.  The idea of being in room full of artists and having the opportunity to present my art is entrancing.  I look forward to having my piece presented in future performances. 

For more information and information about upcoming events from On Q Performing Arts, please visit



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