Best Dressed From The Grammy’s

Last night at The Grammy Awards Show, many of the stars brought their “A” game to the red carpet.  Stars like LL Cool J, Adam Levine, Jay-Z, and John Mayer were among the gentlemen that were extremely well put together for the evening. 

But here are the four gentlemen that I thought were the best dressed for the evening:


First up, is Justin Timberlake in his Tom Ford tuxedo.  You cannot go wrong with Tom Ford…who happens to be my favorite designer.  However, my favorite aspect of this look is the shoes, of course!  The black and white spectator loafers!!  I hope Justin has started something…I hope designers start to produce and sale their own rendition of these shoes.  Brooks Brothers are the last retailer that I have seen carry these shoes. 


Next, is Nas with this black and bronze combination.  The amount of detail Nas put into this look is remarkable.  The bronze shawl collar tuxedo jacket is the same color as the buttons on the tuxedo shirt.  I love the bold choice to go with the pocket chain outside of the pocket square in the tuxedo jacket.  And I love Nas’ explanation of that piece on the red carpet, “It’s Hip Hop!”  I hear ya, Nas…trust me, I do!

And the suede tuxedo loafers makes me forgive Nas for going with a clip-on (pre-tied) bow tie. 


Trey Songz had a very sleek and smooth look going on in his Moschino peaked lapel tuxedo.  Another clip-on bow tie choice, but I loved how he added accessories to it with the piercing.  I must admit that I may be inclined to borrow that idea in the near future.  No clip-on, of course…I am a bow tie snobbed…only self-tie bow ties for me!  The tuxedo pants could have been better tailored, but I love the look.


Another clip-on bow tie, but I love the color combination.  Pharrell Williams brought the heat with his shawl collar one button Lanvin tuxedo.  I have looked over several shots of Pharrell’s tuxedo and I am unable to make out the texture/pattern of the material.  Whatever it is, it’s dope!



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