How To Avoid Looking Like A Popsicle

  When shopping for dress shirts, I prefer the slim fit or athletic fit dress shirt over the classic and regular fit.  I have noticed that there is an excessive amount of material that is used to make classic fit and regular fit dress shirts.  However, I must be honest, the fit or cut of the shirt does not deter me from buying the shirt.  I am very resourceful!  I can make it work, with help.

How I make it work is by getting these classic fit and regular fit dress shirts nipped and tucked.  In other words, I get the shirts fitted.  But I noticed that a lot of men do not take the same initiative.  They where the shirts blouse’d out with a lot of that extra material hanging out of the sides and hanging over the belt loop of their trousers.  I call it the “popsicle look”…because that’s what I am reminded of when I see these shirts on guys.

popsicle8 See the classic popsicle…now observe the resemblance from the everyday man:

popsicle6 popsicle5 popsicle4 popsicle


How can we avoid this look?  The solution is simple.  Take the shirt to an alteration shop or a tailor to get it fitted.  I suggest an alteration shop to save money.  A professional tailor isn’t necessary for a job like this.  Recently, I have taken several dress shirts to Anna’s Alterations to get them fitted:

before1 before2 First, the seamstress asked me to try on the dress shirt.  Look at all of the extra material hanging on the sides. 


Then, she uses pins to mark how much material to remove from each side to provide the proper fit.  It only takes a few days for them to complete the job, however they can rush the process, if requested.  They do offer same day services for a small fee.  But, I am patient and I allow them to take their time to complete all of my alteration requests. 

After a few days, I pick up my shirts and I am immediately pleased with the results:

aftershirt2 DSCF4059  And just like that, my dress shirts now conform to MY body for that clean, sleek, and slim fit that I like…just a clean transition from my torso to my legs.  There is no baggy shirt look with material spilling over my belt.  And that is one way to avoid looking like…

popsicle7  …A POPSICLE!!


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