“You N*ggas Wear Suits Because You Can’t Dress No More”

This line:  “You n*ggas wear suits because you can’t dress no more” is probably one of funniest song lyrics from the Great Kanye West.  The song this line comes from is called “Last Call” on Kanye West’s “College Dropout” album.

Now I would never disrespect the style icon, fashion guru, and hip hop mogul that is Kanye West, but I disagree with the premise of the lyric.  However, I do understand the logic and I will explain it for those who do not. 

For people who love to put “looks” together (I hate calling them outfits), suits offer a shortcut or a “cheat code”, if you will.  The logic is that it does not take much talent or skill in selecting a suit to wear, as opposed to those who love to mix and match their pieces…or put together a complete look from scratch.  The logic is that the suit does all of the heavy lifting in any look…and that there is not science in picking out a suit.

As I said, I understand the premise, but I disagree.

Although, I am not the most avid suit wearer…in fact, I do not own that many suits.  I would rather put my looks together piece by piece, as well.  However, I do understand the talent it takes to pick out the perfect suit and the many decisions that come into consideration when wearing a suit.  For suit wearers, suits offer absolutely no shortcut to dressing well.  Bottom line.

There are so many minor details to consider when picking out the perfect suit, like double-breasted suit or three piece suit:

 DBsuit 3piece

Then, there are more decisions like the color of the suit and whether to go bold with a pattern such as plaid, pinstripe, window pane…or keep it simple with a solid pattern:

Plaidsuit pinstripe panesuit

Along with the pattern and color of the suit, there is the cut of the suit to consider.  By cut of the suit, I am referring to American cut, British cut, or Italian cut suit.  This simple yet important decision is the difference in looking like Steve Harvey and looking like James Bond. 

More details to a suit must be taken into consideration, like lapels…should they be peak, notch, or how about a shawl collar (not always reserved for a tuxedo)?  And what about the pockets…slanted or not?  Flap pockets? Jetted pockets? Patch pockets?  And how about the ultra stylish look offered by the ticket pocket.  Another huge detail to consider is the back vent of the suit jacket:  center vent or side vents.

As you can see, the style to a suit offers no shortcuts.  There are so many details to consider in regards to the aesthetics of a suit.  And just think, we have yet to mention the details to look for in the pants of a suit…you know, the other half or third (if it is a three piece suit) of a suit.


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