Pinstripes Blues & Shades of Grey

I was really careful in crafting today’s look.  I took the smallest details into consideration, from the three different shades of grey to the harmonizing shade of brown between the shoes and the belt:

Brown wingtip boots by Banana Republic.  The brown in the boots is the same exact shade as the brown belt I have on.  (I wanted to point that out because the pictures doesn’t do it justice)

Socks by Ralph Lauren.

Wool heather grey dress slacks by Ralph Lauren.

Grey (lighter shade) narrow, spread collar dress by H & M.

 Dark grey, narrow necktie, by J. Crew.  Tie bar is from Kenneth Cole.

Navy blue pinstripe suit vest was a thrifting find.

Matching navy blue pinstripe suit jacket, notch lapel and center vent, was a thrifting find.  In fact, it was the same thrifting find as the vest…they came together.  I think you get it…

Classic white cotton pocket square.

Final Look!!


3 thoughts on “Pinstripes Blues & Shades of Grey

  1. Hello Anthony,
    I like the look; it’s something I would consider. My build is different, though: shorter and slimmer. There are two items I’m curious about and would appreciate your enlightenment on: spread collar and pocket square.

    Why narrow and not broad? I prefer the broader spread, personally. As for the pocket square, how would an angled fold look? Do you think it would work? I ask because you have many angles going on already and it seems like an angled pocket square would work, as well…

    Many thanks for your time and response.

    • I went with the narrow collar because the tie is a narrow tie. An angled pocket square would and could work, however I did not want the pocket square to be another focal point for this look…just a slight compliment to the overall look. That’s the reason I tried to show as little of the square as possible. I started to go with no square….

      • Aah, a complement, I see. Good advice (I’ve seen some pocket squares that resemble full roses in bloom!). I’ll give it a try.

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