Vintage Shopping in Atlanta

This weekend, the wife and I took a mini-vacation to Atlanta, GA just to get away.  I decided to visit my favorite vintage stores in Little Five Points Atlanta.  I could not remember the name of the stores, previously…but I took pictures this time. 

The first store I visited was Ambrose Vintage:

My fondest memory of this store is meeting India Arie in this store.  It was during one of my random shopping trips, my wife (my girlfriend at the time) was sitting down watching me browse through all of the vintage dope that the store had to offer.  And then, she walks in…her beautiful brown skin and big smile hypnotized me for a moment.  Miss Arie looked so much better in person than she does on television. 

With that gorgeous smile, India looked directly at me and said “Hi”.  I was a little flustered and blushing as I replied, “Hey, how are you?”  That was the only verbal exchange that we shared, as my wife sulked in her chair with utter hatred.  But in that very moment, our eyes had so much more to say.  But, out of respect for my wife, I will not disclose that conversation. 

On this weekend, during this trip, I did not have another encounter with India Arie.  However, I did pillage through some more vintage dope.  And I will share with you the “standout piece” or the “big fish that I caught” at this store visit:

This double-breasted shearling long coat!  It’s similar to the double-breasted shearling worn by Sean “Diddy” Combs in one of my previous vintage dope posts.  And once I get these piece fitted to my frame, I will do this coat the same justice as Diddy!

Classic Vintage Clothing Warehouse was the second shop in Little Five Points that I visited.  There were many great finds in this store.  They have a great selection of vintage trousers, cardigans, and neckties.  I will share with you two of the neckties that I found:

A vintage striped Brooks Brothers tie and a vintage burgundy tie with light blue paisley print. 

Next time you are in Atlanta, make sure you visit these vintage stores in Little Five Points on the corner of Euclid and Moreland.


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