Brown Leather/Mesh Spectator Dress Shoes

Let’s time travel back to the 1950s and take a look at today’s Vintage Dope.  These are plain toe 1950s inspired ET Wright Arch Preservers ventilated spectator mens dress shoes that I came across on 

“This particular pair of hand made Wright Arch Preserver’s is in excellent vintage condition. The uppers, a brown with reddish tint leather complimented by brown mesh, make a near perfect spectator combination.”   For more vintage dress shoes such as these, please go to and check out vendor:
Old Soles

Earthly Layers

Today, I went with earth tone colors and more layering than usual, for me, to complete this look:

Brown wingtip dress boots from Banana Republic…currently on sale.

Ribbed navy blue dress socks are from Banana Republic.

Brown flat front trousers are also Banana Republic.

Navy blue dress shirt with pointed collar is made by Calvin Klein.

Necktie is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent thrifting find for $1.  Brass tie bar from Brooks Brothers.  Brass collar pin is from Ralph Lauren.

Terra Cotta vintage vest is from Design Archives in Greensboro, NC.

Vintage tan blazer with notch lapel, center vent, and original buttons that are almost the same color as the vest was a thrifting find for $5. 

Silk chocolate pocket square…origin unknown.

Final Look!!

Earning My Stripes!

Today, I was not in the office…however, I was in the classroom earning my stripes with today’s look:

Starting with black wingtips by Adam Derrick To Boot New York.

Black, white, and grey striped socks by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Plum french cuff dress shirt with the white spread collar is by Brooks Brothers.

Knitted black cufflinks by Ralph Lauren.

Black and white striped necktie is from Express.  The tie bar is from Kenneth Cole…and this is absolutely my favorite tie bar out of my entire collection.  I was very upset when the Kenneth Cole store moved from South Park Mall here in Charlotte.  Please bring it back!

Grey glen plaid, notch lapel, double vented suit is by Benetton. 

Close look at the plum silk pocket square…orgin is unknown.

Final Look!!

You Are Not A Billboard

When I was younger, back in my urban style of dress ways, a young lady approached me asking me why do I wear “other people’s clothes”.  I was confused, for a moment.  Afterall, I brought this Sean John sweat suit brand new.  I was the only owner.  What on earth was she talking about?I asked her to explain what she meant.  And what she was trying to ask was why do I wear clothes with the designer’s name plastered all over it. I must admit that at that time, the rhetorical inquisition was above my level of comprehension.  As I look back on those years and as I observe those still patrons of that style of dress, I do recognize the billboard-like look of it all.  
I truly was like a walking billboard for Sean John and Rocawear.  The big gaudy logos and brand names printed all over your apparel is common in the urban world, but it’s tacky…and senseless.  It’s low-class. 
Let’s make an effort to do better.  Let’s try to avoid the massive logos, and even the monogram prints.  Of course, I am a little guilty now and then…with a polo horse here, crocodile there…even a small “YSL” or “Dior” symbol on my necktie.  However, I do attempt to dress myself in a manner in which passersby cannot look at me and see what brand(s) I am wearing.  If anyone want to know “who I am wearing”, I would rather that information come from me, rather than the designer.  Those days of being a walking billboard are long behind me. 
At this point in my life, I prefer to dress myself with more class and sophistication.  I put a lot of soul into my style of dress…my soul.  The way I dress and carry myself is a reflection of how I feel about myself.  My style of dress is not a mobile advertisement for some designer who I have never met.  Therefore, when passersby see me, I make sure they see me…and not a designer’s name or logo.

Going Crazy With Patterns, Again!

This morning was colder than expected, so I went with warmer clothes.  But, I still refrained from pulling out my scarfs and gloves. 

Brown wingtips are made by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Grey ribbed socks are from Banana Republic.

Wool grey window pane trousers are from Banana Republic.

Gingham button down dress shirt is from Banana Republic.

Bow tie pattern on the necktie made by Christian Dior is a thrifting find.  Silver tie bar is from Banana Republic.

Light grey cable cord, full zip, cardigan is also from Banana Republic.  So, I guess you can say that I got carried away with patterns by Banana Republic.

Final look!!

Khaki Suit

This weather in North Carolina is the craziest!  I really did not have a clue what to do this morning.  But, when in doubt, just relax and put on a suit!

Brown dress shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue.  You should be familiar with these by now.  I rely on these shoes a lot.  They are so simple…so plain…so sleek…so me!

Navy, grey, and maize argyle socks are from Brooks Brothers.

Brown spread collar dress shirt is from Banana Republic.

Navy tie with polo men is a Yves Saint Laurent thrifting find for $2.  I went with a brass tie pin today instead of a tie bar.  The tie pin is a Belk store brand.  I think I caught this accessory on sale for $12. 

Navy silk pocket square.  I swear that I cannot remember where I purchased these…and I have a lot.  Sorry…

Khaki suit, notch lapel and center vent, is made by Calvin Klein.

Final Look!!