Plaids And Stripes

“Plaids and Stripes”…instead of “Stars and stripes”…get it?  Nevermind!  Bad joke, I know.  However, my look today consists of the colors of the American flag…sort of.  Let’s take a look:

Brown dress shoes by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Socks by Ralph Lauren.

Navy Trousers are by Perry Ellis.

Light blue herringbone spread collar dress shirt is by Ralph Lauren.

Red and blue striped silk tie is a thrifting find for 45 cents.  There is no label on the tie, so I really don’t know the brand name.  However, in my mind, it is a Tom Ford necktie.  Now, I cannot prove that it is Tom Ford…on the flip side, you cannot prove that it is not Tom Ford.  Life has its’ beautiful moments, sometimes.  The brass tie pin is a Belk’s store brand.

Teal plaid double-breasted, peaked lapel, center vent sports jacket is a thrifting find by Rashon Carraway and “The Carraway Concept”.  I absolutely love this piece.

Gold silk pocket square was a thrifting find for 15 cents.

Final Look!!


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