Khaki Suit

This weather in North Carolina is the craziest!  I really did not have a clue what to do this morning.  But, when in doubt, just relax and put on a suit!

Brown dress shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue.  You should be familiar with these by now.  I rely on these shoes a lot.  They are so simple…so plain…so sleek…so me!

Navy, grey, and maize argyle socks are from Brooks Brothers.

Brown spread collar dress shirt is from Banana Republic.

Navy tie with polo men is a Yves Saint Laurent thrifting find for $2.  I went with a brass tie pin today instead of a tie bar.  The tie pin is a Belk store brand.  I think I caught this accessory on sale for $12. 

Navy silk pocket square.  I swear that I cannot remember where I purchased these…and I have a lot.  Sorry…

Khaki suit, notch lapel and center vent, is made by Calvin Klein.

Final Look!!


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