Vintage Shopping In Greensboro

This weekend, I took a trip back to my hometown of Greensboro, NC to drive my niece through her high school homecoming parade.  May I add that I am the proud uncle of Dudley High School’s 2012 Homecoming Queen!!  Yes I am!!

After the homecoming festivities, I decided to do some shopping at my favorite vintage clothing store in Greensboro, Design Archives!

They are located at 342-344 South Elm Street, downtown Greensboro.  Or you can visit them online at  For those of you that may be familiar, this is the same vintage shop that was located on Tate Street on UNC Greensboro’s campus.

This weekend, I had a chance to talk to the store owner, Julie.  She was extremely nice and very knowledgable about vintage clothing.  The one thing I admired most is that she is very passionate about her pieces.  Julie introduced me to a lot of interesting people (employees and regulars) while I was in the store.  She also gave me a list of some of her favorite vintage stores throughout North Carolina.

But, here are some of the dope vintage pieces that I found this weekend at Design Archives:

 Vintage striped Givenchy necktie for $5.

This vintage yellow blazer was just $24.  It’s true vintage with original gold buttons, wide notch lapel, and center vent.  Once I get this blazer tailored, it’s going to look amazing on me.  I’m confident! LOL

This vintage terra-cotta colored, wide notch lapel, double vented suit jacket was a part of a 3-piece suit for $36.  The blazer and the vest fit me like a glove…no tailoring needed.  The pants flare out a little too much for my taste.  I doubt that I ever where the pants.  But, I was really only interested in the jacket, but the vest may get a little love, as well.

These vintage, wool, plaid Brooks Brothers trousers were only $14.  The inseam was an inch or so too short, but nothing a little altering can’t fix.

This piece right here!!!  This is a vintage Christian Dior, wool, wide peaked lapels, center vent, double-breasted navy blazer with original grey buttons!!  For $69!

Next time you are in Greensboro, make sure you stop by Design Archives and tell Julie the Vintage Dope Dealer sent you!!


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