Thrifting In Greensboro!

Before the homecoming hoopla kicked off and before I went vintage shopping, I decided to do some thrifting at some of my favorite thrifting stores in Greensboro.  And there are plenty of second-hand stores in Greensboro, NC.

Here are some of the more outstanding items I found:


Pocket squares:  Polka dot square was $2 and the yellow striped square was 50 cents.

Nordstrom blue striped necktie for $2.

Two Christian Dior neckties for $2 each.

$2 necktie from Barney’s.

No thrifting trip is complete without a Yves Saint Laurent find.  Found this gorgeous necktie for $2.

Khaki colored Christian Dior sports jacket, notch lapel, center vent, patch pockets, and classic Christian Dior silk interior lining…just $5!! Deal!!

I don’t know who had the better homecoming this weekend, my niece or myself…


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