Time Traveling Wednesday!

Today’s look consists of another one of my beloved “No Belt Style” form of dress to create a 1970s feel, without looking like I mis-timed Halloween. 

Shoes, once again are my brown Banana Republic chucka boots.

Thermal socks from J. Crew.

Flat front brown vintage troussers are from Banana Republic.  I love these troussers so much that I bought FOUR pair (2 black, 2 brown).  They are slim throught the hip and thigh area, but flare out at the bottom (boot cut) for an almost bell bottoms-ish appearance.  Don’t worry…I am a 70s baby!  So, I am naturally comfortable with any trip to the 1970s.

Cream dress shirt is Saks Fifth Avenue.  It is the closest dress shirt that I have to the pointed collar look that I was going for to make the 1970s feel more complete.

Vintage polyester tie was a thrifting find for 80 cents.  Brass tie bar from Brooks Brothers.

Glen plaid H&M sports jacket, with the ticket pocket, was also a thrifting find for $5.

Chocolate silk pocket square…cannot remember where I got it from.

Final Look!


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