Vintage Plaid Trousers

These are my latest pair of plaid tweed herringbone trousers that I found at a local vintage clothing shop here in Charlotte, Hong Kong Vintage Clothing.  I absolutely love these pants and the fit is amazing.  The price was even better at $22.

The trousers are true vintage and the restoration effort on the slacks is noticeable.  I can actually see where they stitched up the holes that once existed around the hip and thigh area.  The pants did have a hole or busted seam down the side, which was left untreated.  I actually had to break out the needle and thread and repair the hole, myself.  Actually, my wife fixed it…but I could have did the repairs myself, if I wanted to.  And I was kind of massaging her feet while she worked.  So, technically I did help with the repair effort.


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