Take Your Socks Seriously

On a daily basis, I have seen some of the most well-dressed men teeter off when it comes to their socks.  Their entire ensemble flows well…until you get a glimpse of their socks.  It almost seems like they simply gave up on that aspect.  It reminds me of when a football coach tells a receiver to finish his route completely, and do not break a route off…I want to tell these gentlemen the same thing.  Finish the look…do not break it off!  Instead of being well-dressed from head to toe, they are well-dressed from about head to calf.  Their whole sock game/shoe game is non-existent.
It’s usually the same issue that I observe from these guys. The black, thin, dress socks with tan or light brown drivers.  I’ve even seen the thin black dress socks with light color (white, taupe, or grey) boat shoes, as well.  That’s just lazy…no effort at all, gentlemen.  
You do not have to be “Mr. Lord Of The Socks”, but please do something!  Put some sort of effort into it.  You can still preserve your conservative style and take your socks more seriously.  Instead of the hundreds of patterns that are available in socks, you can just stick to the solid colors.  But, please look into the different shades of colors:  different shades of blues, shades of browns, 50 shades of grey, whatever!  Black socks for work and church and white sweat socks for the gym, should not be the full extent of your “sock collection”.  Oh, those aren’t the only two colors you have?  You also have navy socks, you say?  You are a grown-arse man…grow up, bruh!  Let’s finish the maturation process, shall we?!?!
During style consultations, I always tell dudes to start out by trying to match their socks to their tie or pocket square in the manner that 18 years olds match their sneakers with their hats.  Now this is not a rule (remember: I don’t make rules, I break them), but this is just a mental guide to get you started.  Once you start to get more and more comfortable, you can spread your wings and start to develop your own system.
Some classic patterns to keep in mind when buying socks: Argyle, stripes, polka dots, ribbed, cable chords, paisley, etc.
Here are two of my favorite sites to order inexpensive socks:

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