Cranberry Wednesday!!

Today’s look consists of a carefully craft grey and cranberry mash-up.

Starting with dress shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Cranberry argyle socks courtesy of Banana Republic.

Flat front cranberry colored dress slacks, also Saks Fifth Avenue.

Narrow collar, grey dress shirt from H & M.

Cranberry, striped Oscar De La Renta necktie, which was a thrifting find for $1.  Tie bar from Kenneth Cole.

Cranberry pocket square was also a thrifting find for 50 cents.

Vintage grey blazer was a $3.50 thrifting find, as well.  And I love the way this jacket fits!  It did not bother to get this jacket fitted after I found it…it already hugs me better than my wife.

Finished Look!  Look at the love the blazer is showing me.  My wife should take notes:  “THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD HUG ME!”


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