Birthday Fresh

Today, October 30th 2012, marks my 34th birthday!!  My wife decided to take me out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Charlotte, Black Finn.  So, I decided to get “Birthday Fresh”!!  Why not…it’s my birthday!!

Black wingtips by Adam Derrick To Boot New York.

Red dress socks by Ralph Lauren.

Black trousers by Banana Republic.

White cut away spread collar, french cuff gingham dress shirt by Banana Republic.

Black tie also by Banana Republic and tie bar by Kenneth Cole.

Black knot cufflinks by Ralph Lauren.

Red camel-hair sports coat with notch lapel and center vent by JoS. A Bank.

Gingham pocket square by Brooks Brothers.

Final Look!!


Distinguishly Layered

When I got dressed this morning, my wife said that I look like a professor and that the only thing missing is a smoking pipe.  Funny!  But, I had to add layers on top of layers for this cold day:

Brown wingtip dress boots by Banana Republic.

Gold socks by J. Crew.

Chocolate corduroy dress slacks by J.Crew.

Light blue spread collar dress shirt by Banana Republic.

Paisley bow tie was a thrifting find.

Tan crew neck sweater by Ralph Lauren.  One of the few times that you will see any visible logo on me.  Yes, it happens…but not often.

Vintage tweed blazer with suede elbow patch, notch lapel and center vent, is from a vintage clothing store in Little Five Points in Atlanta.

Chocolate silk square…origin unknown.

Plaid scarf is another thrifting find.

Final Look!!

I Earned My Stripes This Week

I think I made it official, today…I have earned my stripes with today’s look…which consists of…you guessed it…more stripes!

My brown dress shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Blue striped socks from The Gap.

Dark blue flat front dress pants are also from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Light blue spread collar dress shirt made by Ralph Lauren.

Vintage striped necktie by Givenchy from Design Archives.  Silver tie bar is by Banana Republic.

Blue and white pinstriped sports jacket with notch lapel and center vent by Banana Republic.


Classic white cotton pocket square.

Final Look!!

Cranberry Floral Print

Today’s look offers more color…and more patterns.

Black chucka boots by Banana Republic.

Black and cranberry argyle print socks by Banana Republic.

Cranberry trousers by Saks Fifth Avenue.

White and Black window pane dress shirt by Club Monaco.

Grey necktie by J. Crew and tie bar by Kenneth Cole.

Black sports coat with narrow peak lapels and side vents by Calvin Klein.

Silk cranberry floral print pocket square was a thrifting find.

Final Look!!

Still Earning My Stripes

Today, I am still trying to earn my stripes…at work:

Wingtip slip-ons with the tassels are by Florsheim.

Chocolate ribbed dress socks are from J.Crew.

Purple slim fit dress pants are by Burberry.  Love these pants!!

Purple striped button-down dress shirt is made by IZOD.

Chocolate striped necktie was a thrifting find.  Tie bar is from Kenneth Cole.

Tan suit jacket with notch lapel and center vent is by Calvin Klein.

Silk pocket square was a thrifting find.

Final Look!!

Red And Chocolate

Today’s look mark the return of the red trousers:

Brown chucka boots from Banana Republic.

Red paisley socks from Ralph Lauren.

Red flat front trousers by Ralph Lauren.

Off white pointed collar dress shirt by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Gold paisley tie with red dots is a Joseph Abboud thrifting find.  Silver tie pin is a Belk’s store brand (similar to my brass tie pin).

Chocolate suit jacket with peaked lapels and side vents is a Macy’s store brand.

Cotton red dotted pocket square is also a thrifting find.

Final Look!!

Plaids And Stripes

“Plaids and Stripes”…instead of “Stars and stripes”…get it?  Nevermind!  Bad joke, I know.  However, my look today consists of the colors of the American flag…sort of.  Let’s take a look:

Brown dress shoes by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Socks by Ralph Lauren.

Navy Trousers are by Perry Ellis.

Light blue herringbone spread collar dress shirt is by Ralph Lauren.

Red and blue striped silk tie is a thrifting find for 45 cents.  There is no label on the tie, so I really don’t know the brand name.  However, in my mind, it is a Tom Ford necktie.  Now, I cannot prove that it is Tom Ford…on the flip side, you cannot prove that it is not Tom Ford.  Life has its’ beautiful moments, sometimes.  The brass tie pin is a Belk’s store brand.

Teal plaid double-breasted, peaked lapel, center vent sports jacket is a thrifting find by Rashon Carraway and “The Carraway Concept”.  I absolutely love this piece.

Gold silk pocket square was a thrifting find for 15 cents.

Final Look!!