Sale Alert: Dillard’s!

I recieved an email Wednesday that Dillard’s is having another one of those ridiculous sales.


That’s right!  An additional 40% off on clothes already markdown on clearance.  As a former Dillard’s sales associate, I remember how crazy these sales were.  You can find all sorts of name brand items on sale for next to nothing. 

So, I took a trip to Dillard’s after work that following Friday.

Of course, I had to check out some of the deals on suits, blazers/sports coats, dress shirts, socks, and ALL THINGS RALPH LAUREN, of course! LOL  They had name brand dress shirts mark down to $10, with an additional 40% off.  That’s $6 a shirt!!  It’s almost like thrifting!

I happened to run across this piece:  A grey Perry Ellis slim fit sports coat with the narrow lapel.  A very trendy look that would look amazing with a narrow collar dress shirt and skinny tie.

Not bad, right?  Although, I do not like the buttons on this jacket.  I would definetly take this jacket to an alteration shop and have the buttons replaced.  Anyway, let’s take a look at the price, shall we?  Yes, we shall!

Clearance markdown price is $61.25.  After the 40% discount, you have a trendy, classic grey sports coat for $36.75!!  Is there anything else I have to say to convince you to stop by Dillards some time today?!?!


A Science or An Art Form?

There are some that approach style as if it is a science…but is it???  If style is a science, than that means it can be proven over and over…and yield the same result each time.  For example, two hydrogen atoms combined with one oxygen atom yields a water molecule EVERYTIME…no matter the season, time of day, geographic location, etc etc.  That’s how science works!

 It does not work that way for style.  Therefore, style should be approached as an art form, a true artistic expression.  It is opinion driven and cannot be proven through some organized method.  No matter how extraordinary a particular style may be, not everyone will like it.  And that’s okay.  That’s art!  There will always be that one person that will look at a painting by Michelangelo and say, “That’s crap!”  And that’s okay…people are entitled to their opinions, regardless of how popular or unpopular the opinion may be.  One of my friends is adamant that Stevie Wonder CANNOT sing.  I remain friends with him, regardless.  Although, I do exhaust all attempts to avoid discussing music around him.  I mean, seriously…wouldn’t you? 

 So if fashion is truly an art form, an artistic expression, your self-expression…then why do people bother comprising these rules?  More importantly, why do we bother reading it?  If you apply these “rules of style” to your everyday style of dress, can you accurately say that your style is…YOUR style?

 I am a firm believer that you simply CANNOT impose rules on art.  If you do, it will all start to look the same and creativity is sacrificed.  Don’t do it!  These rules are only mere guides.  They are NOT law!  They serve as a template.  Once you master a template, you are supposed to transcend it.  Move on, grow beyond it, and design your own.


 Don’t be apart of that anal crowd…with so many rules and restrictions.  Those people CANNOT have many friends.  Learn as many of these rules as you can, and then break them.  Watch what happens!  Nothing!  Self-liberation…maybe?!?!

 My goal for this blog is not to force readers to dress like me.  I do not intend to force a bunch of rules down anyone’s throat.  In fact, I rather that you hold on to your individuality, broaden your horizon, and start to dress like the best possible version of yourself.  In that case, I can only offer you suggestions and toss around ideas back and forth with you.

The phrase is “Express YOURself”…don’t try to become someone else’s vision.

Just Bought The New Lebrons

Lionhead Cufflinks

I just purchased these vintage style brass lionhead cufflinks from  For some reason, I want to name these “The Lebrons”.  And you know what…I think I will.  Anyway, the vendor that I purchased these bad boys from is CosmicFirefly.  They were only $24 and there are more available.  So, help yourself…